Sunday, October 2, 2011

June and July

Shelby loves to stand on everything. She is 100% wild. She has figured out she can get anything she wants by standing on things to reach higher!

June and July were 2 months of fun and craziness in the Sorensen house. My little sister Sariah and my niece Aurora were here with us most of the time. I can tell you that Adam and I are a little nervous for Shelby's teenage years! We had such a fun summer though. We swam at Ross Park and Lava many times. For Adam's birthday (June 30), we all went to Lagoon and had a great time. Thanks to Grandma Gay for watching Shelby! Adam, Aurora, and Sariah rode the Skycoaster. I have rode the thing 3 times in my life so far and it was 2 times too many so I just took the pictures! We also put in a sprinkler system. It was not the most fun but I am so glad to have it. Adam's brother Josh was so kind to come and help Adam pull in all of the pipe while Aurora, Sariah, and I dug hole after hole. (it's how Aurora and Sariah earned their way to Lagoon) Then there was the 4th of July. We went to our friend's grandparents' house that live right across from the Pocatello Fairgrounds and had a BBQ and then watched the fireworks. It was great fun! Thanks Ace and Jyl. Shelby actually enjoyed the fireworks. She would clap after the big ones and it was the cutest thing. Then came July 11th. This was the day I took my NCLEX exam to see if I could get my nursing license. I had to take it in Draper, Utah so I took Aurora and Sariah down to Utah with me because Sariah left to go back to Alabama on the 12th. I had to stay in a hotel all by myself that night of the 10th because I had to be at the testing center at 730. I am saying this because I hate to stay by myself and I have only done it maybe 3 times in my life! So I didn't sleep very good because I forgot the Tylenol PM. It was the worst test I have ever taken. I was sure I had failed and poor Aurora had to listen to me worry the WHOLE drive back to Idaho. I kept repeating myself, "I just failed that test!". So after waiting a long 48 hours, I found out I PASSED!!! So that means I got my nursing license. I am so grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to make it through school and get my license. Adam was a great support. Also, I owe thanks to my Father in Heaven for the strength and comfort He gave to me. I prayed at least 30 times while I was taking my 3 1/2 hour test! I have a stronger testimony of prayers and Priesthood blessings from this experience. So after my nerves from the NCLEX settled down, we were ready to get back to some summer fun! Aurora and I went to the Bodies Exhibit in Idaho Falls. We really enjoyed it. We liked the fetal exhibit the best. It was so amazing to see how small some of the babies were and to think that we were that little at one point. Towards the end of July, we had a Gunter family reunion. It was great to spend time with some of my siblings and my dad. Adam was able to go on a dirt bike ride with my brothers Jamie, Lex, and Damien. They did this the first summer we got married (2007) and Adam loved it so much and so he was excited to finally do it again! Adam loves to ride dirt bikes. The first 3 years we were married, Adam got a new bike each summer! We had a great summer! I love the warm weather and will sure miss it when the snow comes.

 Sariah and Aurora fell asleep on the couches until 4PM the day they got home from Girl's Camp.
Yes, I love to make messes. I like to open cans with my teeth.

 I had to take a picture just to make sure it actually said "pass"
 Alexis's baby blessing

 This is what Shelby's hair looks like when Grandma Gay babysits
Fun little Home Depot apron from the craft station at Chubbock Days 

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