Friday, June 3, 2011

Crazy girl

Shelby is just getting SOOOO big. She is 10 months old now and getting into everything! She still loves to put everything in her mouth and tries to climb on everything. She loves to open up cabnets and take everything out of them. While taking each and every thing out of the cabnets, she has to put each thing in her mouth first. Just yesterday, she decided to take out the oatmeal box. Well with 6 teeth, she can get the oatmeal packets open and successfully opened 4 packs of brown sugar and maple oatmeal and happily got them all over the kitchen floor! I could have gotten upset but it was actually fun to watch her go crazy with it and try to eat the uncooked (probably didn't taste too good) oatmeal. The joys of being a parent. Then tonight, we go to dinner with Adam's parents and Adam's dad was setting ice on the table for Shelby to eat. Most people would just pick the ice up with their hands and then put it in their mouth, but not our little Shelby, She just tries to pick it up off the table with her mouth. I guess she figures it is a quicker way to get it in her mouth rather than putting it into her hands first?! But we are extremely blessed with what a good little girl Shelby is (I think so we will have another kid some day!). Shelby sleeps 12 hours at night without waking up and it is wonderful. I guess if I get my sleep, I can't ask for much else! I am loving not having to go to school and worry about papers, tests, presentations, etc. and just being able to spend time with Shelby. Shelby loves to play outside (whenever it's warm), go to the park and swing, take baths, help mommy with laundry, read books with mommy, eat, climb any stairs in sight, and loves to clap her hands!
 This was taken around Halloween when Shelby was 3 months. How could you not love that cat??

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