Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random things

Shelby hates to be strapped in to her car seat. This picture was taken while we were at Stake Conference. We had to leave the chapel and take Shelby to the Primary room where there wern't as many people because Shelby wanted to crawl around. Adam set her in the car seat to carry her to the primary room and this is how she was when we got there just a minute later. Yes she is wild and thinks her car seat is a play toy rather than a safety device!

Swimming at the Blackfoot pool with the Sorensens

This was taken at Crome-in-the-Dome at ISU. Adam had to get a picture of Shelby in front of the Shelby!!!

She says, "arn't I just so stinkin cute??"

little Miss Red Ridin Hood

Adam made this creative little "buggie" to have Shelby ride in as he took her around the house. All you need is an empty water case and a hanger! I love Adam and his creativity. He is such a great dad!

Any time the diaper bag is in site, Shelby loves to take out everything in it! And this little thing that she has is a medicine dropper bottle thing. Poor girl had a double ear infection and so she had to take antibiotics. You just put the medicine in the thing and they suck it out like they would a bottle. But rather than take medicine out of it, Shelby thought it was a play toy! But it was so cute when she actually did suck on it like a bottle!

Adam and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on April 10th. These are the beautiful flowers he got me! how sweet of him!

Shelby is all ready to spend her daddy's money. She got a hold of his walet and got his credit card!! She is ready to go with her slippers! The slippers came with the book Goodnight Moon. How cute!! Thanks Annette!

Shelby is in to everything! As you can see she has learned how to get things out of drawers. We are in serious trouble!!

Shelby passed out on the floor when Adam was watching her! how cute is this?

Shelby's first time on the grass! She was helping her mama rake sticks and leaves. I thought she would stay on the blanket but she didn't! She is one adventurous girl.

Vegas Trip

For spring break, Adam and I decided last minute that we would go down to Vegas for a few days. We left our little Shelby with Grandma Gay and Grandpa Jim. I was extremely nervous about doing this because it was the first time we were going to leave her over night. I was so nervous I debated about whether or not we should even go or that we should just take her with us. Well Gay came and got her on the Wednesday night and took her to Blackfoot and Adam and I left for Vegas. The whole drive I just kept saying, "well Shelbys probably doing this" or "Shelby is going to sleep now and we don't get to kiss her".....Lets just say Shelby is all I could think about! But it got better and it was sad leaving her but we were able to do much more without her! Plus, she got to spend quality time with grandma and grandpa because normally she doesn't spend a ton of time with them. So enough about that....On Wednesday night we drove to St. George. On the way we stopped at my favorite place, Chick-fil-a for dinner!! YUMMY!! We stayed the night at Adam's Aunt Ann's house. Ann and Preston were so kind to let us stay and made us a wonderful breakfast on Thursday morning. After breakfast, we drove the hour and half to Vegas! Before making it to our hotel, we stopped at the Shelby museum. Adam loves to stop here when we go to Vegas. They had some drag racing going on at the race track there so of course we had to go and see the cars! Adam was a very happy boy that day! Friday was the best day ever! Adam found this place where you can ride go-carts for $20 for a whole hour. It was great fun because they go extremely fast. We had tons of fun there. Then the best part of the day was when we decided to go to a show. I have always loved the Price is Right and in Vegas they have a Price is Right live version. We wanted to go on Thursday but they were sold out so we got tickets for Friday night. And can you believe that I got called up? I was able to go up and bid on this vending-fridge thing. I was the last out of 4 to bid and the lady next to me bid $125 so I decided to go with $127. And the price was $134 so I won!!! Then I got to go on stage and try to win a new refridgerator. I played the game "cliff hanger". It is where you have to bid on 3 items and get within $24 of the price on all 3 to win. If you go over, the man falls off the mountain. So I bid $11 on the first item, which was this pair of cleaning slippers. It was $14 so I was $3 off! Then I bid $28 on this egg cooker thing. It was $30 so I was $2 off! Then there was a wine opening set. I had no idea and I even told all of the drunk people there that I didn't drink wine so I needed extra help! I guessed $46 and it was like $63  but I still ended up winning! So instead of taking the fridge, I took cash instead. We celebrated by going to get pizza! The next day Adam and I went to the Vegas temple. I have always loved the Vegas temple so it was great to be able to finally go. That night, we went and rode the rides at the Stratosphere. Let's just say it's good that we have life insurance because I thought we were going to die hanging almost 1000ft in the air. Also, the night before we left we really wanted to get in a hot tub and our hotel only had a pool. So what did we do? we snuck into the hotel next to ours! The hotel was Tahiti Village (where we will stay next time). It had a sweet pool with a sand beach that led you into the pool. It also had a lazy river. But the hot tub was great! We had a ton of fun! And one more funny thing. On our drive down, I really wanted a starkist from Dairy Queen. So at 11PM we stopped at this Chevron/Dairy Queen. The DQ was not opened so I had to settle for a push-up. While we were standing in line the guy in front of us said, "I thought you had to be under 6 to buy those"? I said well I love them! Then he proceeds to say, "well MY KIDS who are 6 love them"! haha! funny guy. Who says you have to be a kid to love treats??

This was the really really fast go-cart!

Okay so this guy was a freak. He wanted to take our pictures and then was like okay you guys need to kiss for a picture...weirdo! And he was trying to get up close and personal with me..I was a little freaked out hince the scarcastic smile on my face! And then he said he collects tips for taking pictures! Every day and night when we drove by this sign he was out there taking pictures and i'm sure he was asking everyone else for tips too. Too bad Adam's not the kind of guy to say no!

can't really see us but just take in the beautiful background

You can barely see Adam in the grey shirt representing North Carolina for my girl Kankle!

1000 ft in the air!!!

So Adam always gets these crazy pictures of me...just let me explain because I had to put this on here because it is so funny! I was telling this guy how scared I was and I was jumping around because I was so nervous. But this is the pose Adam got me in. The guy in the control room thought he was pretty funny too because he kept tricking us as to when he was gonna shoot us in the air!

So they didn't allow cameras in the show so this is the pic Adam took on his phone!
My Vending-Fridge came!! How sweet huh! I was so excited! You actually get to push the button for the soda to come out!

Ear Piercing and Utah

So I had spring break and I thought I would start it a little early by going down to visit my cousin Tressa down in Utah. It was just Shelby and I that went down for the night of March 17th because Adam had to stay and work (someone's gotta pay the bills!) We had tons of fun! we went swimming at this awsome place down there. Shelby loves the water and cries everytime she has to get out of it.

As you can see, Shelby is big enough to sit in the pool right where you step in because it is so shallow. As soon as Roxy let go of her, shelby took off crawling for the deeper part! She only got far enough to drink a little water before I caught her.  That little stinker!

If you don't notice, I am not the one holding Shelby. I was so chicken and did not want to get her ears pierced. Adam kept saying how we should do it but I was always too nervous to actually do it! So when I went to Utah, Tressa talked me into it. Except for when we actually got into Claire's, I was ready to walk right back out. I told Tressa if she wanted to have them done so bad then she would have to be the one to hold her and I was going to leave the store. So that is what happened. Poor girl! But after only a few minutes of tears, she was her happy self again! And O are they so cute! Our little nieces Aubrie and Alivia just got their ears pierced for their 6th birthday and what Aubrie told Alivia was that it was not worse than getting shots! So I don't really feel that bad because Shelby has had many shots already!

This is before I got my ears pierced!

 After the ears got pierced! And I only cried for just a few minutes with my sad cry.

 I got a sucker for a reward. It was my first sucker I ever got and the only reason my momma gave it to me was because she felt so bad for me. I loved the sucker though!