Friday, February 25, 2011

put up the gate

This is when she wanted some of her daddy's popsicle. Anytime she sees food, she goes for it!

How do I know she is Adam's child? She loves cars too!

Shelby loves to play! she is the cutest thing ever and so I just have to post these pictures of how cute she is. She also loves to play, especially since she is CRAWLING now! I can't believe it. Shelby is just moving around and will get across the room before you know it. We had to buy a gate and put it at the top of the stairs so she doesn't fall down them. I can't believe that she is only 7 months today and she started crawling a week ago. It was so nice when she was immobile and you didn't have to worry about her getting into things. Now we have to make sure everything is put up that needs to be. She also loves to crawl up our legs or try to pull herself up holding onto the couch. We will enjoy the crawling for a while because before we know it, she will be walking. She is getting wild! She will dig her hands into the carpet and use her hands to help move herself forwards. She is still getting used to floors that are not carpet. In our kitchen, we have this stuff called flex-floor. It is sorta similar to a laminate. So she will just stay on the carpet and put her arms out and touch the floor for a little bit before she will crawl on to it. It is pretty funny. My friend Cherie babysat for me yesterday while I had class (I was so grateful for her helping me out). When I went to pick up Shelby, her and I were just talking. I told her how Shelby was crawling and she told me that Shelby had crawled over to her kitchen floor and just started licking it! And I just thought, well she is a Sorensen and they do things like that. This little girl is so funny and brings so much joy into our home.

And let the teething begin...

About 3 weeks ago, Febuary 5th, we realized that Shelby had 2 bottom teeth. Adam was changing her diaper and while he was changing her, he noticed that she had two little things popping through her bottom gums. She has been a little fussy and had these narly diapers so we figured she was about to get some soon. Even though they have popped through, Shelby continues to have these terrible diapers. We love HER so much but the diapers not so much! I put my fingers in her mouth to see if I can feel any other teeth about to pop through and she will bite down and it hurts! Even though the teeth are still little, they hurt, so don't let size fool you! She is still putting anything and everything she has in her hands in her mouth.

Getting ready to crawl

It has been a month since i've done a post! Life has just been so busy this last month I havn't had a lot of time to blog but a lot has happened. I did my Leadership clinical, for which I was in the ER at Portneuf. It was quite the adventure. I was able to get a lot of experience with many great nurses and with my preceptor Steve. I was able to start tons and tons of IV's, which is fun because it is so nice to be able to start them with just one try! I was even able to start a 14 gauge IV which is absolutely huge and I seriously hope that I never have to have one of those myself. It is just about the biggest one they make, if not the biggest! I got it on the first try and I was very proud of myself! I did CPR for the first time in my life on a real person, not just a manequin. I got to know many of the police, as they come into the ER quite a bit! I would not mind working in an ER somewhere one day. Adam was so great during this time I was doing this clinical. He had to spend 6 whole nights with Shelby all by himself! He did a great job though. Anyways, enough about me and now i'm gonna tell about our little Shelby. Shelby has been moving around a lot lately. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, around the end of January, Shelby started scooting herself around, except she would only scoot herself backwards. And she would scoot until she was under the couch. She would get under the couch and make sure you saw her and then she would smile and giggle for a minute and then start crying! Here are the pictures to prove it!

I am just a moving-scooting girl!