Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random things

Shelby hates to be strapped in to her car seat. This picture was taken while we were at Stake Conference. We had to leave the chapel and take Shelby to the Primary room where there wern't as many people because Shelby wanted to crawl around. Adam set her in the car seat to carry her to the primary room and this is how she was when we got there just a minute later. Yes she is wild and thinks her car seat is a play toy rather than a safety device!

Swimming at the Blackfoot pool with the Sorensens

This was taken at Crome-in-the-Dome at ISU. Adam had to get a picture of Shelby in front of the Shelby!!!

She says, "arn't I just so stinkin cute??"

little Miss Red Ridin Hood

Adam made this creative little "buggie" to have Shelby ride in as he took her around the house. All you need is an empty water case and a hanger! I love Adam and his creativity. He is such a great dad!

Any time the diaper bag is in site, Shelby loves to take out everything in it! And this little thing that she has is a medicine dropper bottle thing. Poor girl had a double ear infection and so she had to take antibiotics. You just put the medicine in the thing and they suck it out like they would a bottle. But rather than take medicine out of it, Shelby thought it was a play toy! But it was so cute when she actually did suck on it like a bottle!

Adam and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on April 10th. These are the beautiful flowers he got me! how sweet of him!

Shelby is all ready to spend her daddy's money. She got a hold of his walet and got his credit card!! She is ready to go with her slippers! The slippers came with the book Goodnight Moon. How cute!! Thanks Annette!

Shelby is in to everything! As you can see she has learned how to get things out of drawers. We are in serious trouble!!

Shelby passed out on the floor when Adam was watching her! how cute is this?

Shelby's first time on the grass! She was helping her mama rake sticks and leaves. I thought she would stay on the blanket but she didn't! She is one adventurous girl.


  1. I LOVE her..She is too cute

  2. So cute, Shelby is such a funny girl!! Can't wait to see her again!