Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shelby's 1st Birthday

Shelby turned 1 on July 25th, 2011. We had an awsome birthday party for her at our house. I bought this pool from Wal-mart on clearance for only $25 and it was a hit. We also got a keg of Sassparilla from the Brewery because we love it! We had a great turn out and Shelby got tons of awsome gifts! She is spoiled and i'm sure the party was more for me than it was for her! She didn't really enjoy the pool as much as the other kids but maybe next summer she will like it!

 Shelby did not like the water as much as the other kids

 Yes, I made the ice cream cake!!! (thanks for the recipe Amy!)

 Shelby loved to eat the cake and cupcakes

 Eventually the kids decided that jumping from the retaining wall was much more fun

 Yes, that is Matt (Adam's brother). He always has to do the fun things that the kids get to do so he started jumping in the KID pool too. He was trying to make Sam fly off the other side of the pool. But this is taken right when Matt popped the slide on the pool. Thank goodness for patches! What's funny is that Adam's dad was even encouraging Matt to jump off the wall into the pool. Yes, we have a good time!

 "It's not a true party without a keg! We love to get sassy". -words from Adam

 Shelby says "just let me open my presents please".

Shelby got 2 of the same things at her party so i took one of them back and got her this handy dandy vacuum. She loves it and uses it everytime I vacuum too!


  1. I am so glad that Shelby's 1st Birthday turned out to be super enjoyable. Keep up the good work! At the local event space Chicago I too would be hosting a grand bash for my son and was just thinking to add some fun games to add in this bash. If you have any ideas, please let me know.